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Boston Trip Day 1-3 [Mar. 1st, 2006|02:21 pm]
My trip to Boston has gone great so far. Got in Friday on time around five. Flight was fine, but just a bit bumpy. Got to the hotel, then wandered around a bit and ate dinner at the The Green Dragon Tavern which they refer to themselves as the "Headquarters of the Revolution." Sounds like some important people used the tavern as a meeting place during the Revolution. After chowing now on some Irish Beef Stew with my traveling companion, Eiji, and I were quite tired.

Kept waking up during the time probably due to jet lag, so I was still a little tired in the morning. Went over to Xplana to start the training. Very nice people there, and it was nice to finally put some faces on people I've talked with so much. Training went well and even though we both got tired near the end. I convinced Eiji to walk back to the hotel (we took a taxi on the way there) so we got to talk a nice walk through Boston at night including the Boston Commons. For dinner we ate a the Pub, Elephant and Castle, that was connected to the hotel. Eiji stayed to drink beers and I came down to join him later and got a free beer from the bartender because he lost my first signed check so I gave him another. I then retired for the night.

The next day was back to Xplana for more training. Today was more hands on work for our trainees so we were there to help them with the myriad of errors they suffered. Its really an integral part of the development process and although we got as far as we could in one day, I fear there was not enough time. For lunch we went to the Prudential Center, a rather large mall complex near Xplana. We had lunch at the Legal Seafood restaurant. Good food there. After work we had to hurry back, so we stopped by the food court at the Prudential Center for a quick bite to eat. We took a cab back to meet the wednesday trainees to make sure their system was set up properly. Once we got them setup, we met a Thompson contact and had dinner at the pub again. It was a nice time hangout out with people, but I was ready for bed when it was over.

[User Picture]From: dellswor
2006-03-01 08:41 pm (UTC)

So close and yet so far...

If I'd had a little more lead time, maybe we could've found a way to get together. Boston is most of the way from OR to DC...
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[User Picture]From: rantar
2006-03-02 03:16 am (UTC)

Re: So close and yet so far...

[Kicks self] I should have let you know. They wouldn't decide on what week to send me until less than two weeks before I left. Not that I have any extra time as they are keeping me pretty busy, but I could have stayed an extra day or two.
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